Block Temporary Email
Free API to block temporary and disposable email address
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    status: 200,
    domain: "",
    temporary: true,
    dns: true



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Quota limit: 1000 requests per month

Rate limit: 1 requests per second




Quota limit: 20000 requests per month

Rate limit: 5 requests per second




Quota limit: 120000 requests per month

Rate limit: 10 requests per second




Quota limit: 1000000 requests per month

Rate limit: 50 requests per second


Email syntax

Check if your user informed a correct email address

Keep your data clean

Spot temporary or disposable email address. Get rid of fake users and spam, keeping your database clean and with real customers.

Check email DNS

Verify email address' domain for a valid MX entry


What is a disposable email address?

DEAs are short-lived inboxes under a temporary address. Users are concerned about privacy, and in order to keep their real inbox spam-free they turn to such quick hacks.

What is Block Temporary Email?

This site is made to prevent users to register to websites with a disposable email address. It checks in the same time if the domain or email is valid.

How much does it cost?

It's completely free to get started! But we also offer paid plans with higher limits. This is a public service to make the Internet a better place.

What information do you store?

In order to improve this service, just the domains sent to the API are stored. This allows me to find new disposable domains that were not already on the list. Emails, IPs and requisitions are not stored.

How do you maintain this service?

This is 100% serverless webservice using AWS technology, totally scalable and can handle thousands of requisitions per second with 100% uptime.

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